The Sacred Thread of Yoga

Open Weekend Classes

Some notes to help you select your classes

Since there are many high-quality classes with some very distinguished Presenters, selecting your classes might be deliciously difficult! There are six broad categories associated with the basic theme of honoring the Sacred Thread of Yoga. Each is marked with a letter and a color-coded dot both here and in the printed schedule as follows:

[A] On the Mat / Asana (see all of these classes)

[B] Breath and Energy (see all of these classes)

[C] The Divine Is Within / Feeling The Presence (see all of these classes)

[D] Off The Mat / Giving Back (see all of these classes)

[E] The Sacred Thread of Yoga (see all of these classes)

[F] Living in the Tradition (see all of these classes)

Clicking on the particular color code or letter both above and in the schedule will take you to a fuller description of that category. Please remember, though, that the categories are a rough guide only, because the range of interests of the Faculty is equally diverse, crossing over the suggested category boundaries. You are free to mix and match and to take whatever classes you want. But, on a practical note ... exciting as these classes are, do remember that you will need to plan time to eat, rest, and digest information between one of your planned sessions and the next! Next






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