The Sacred Thread of Yoga

Monique Schubert

Class Title: Planting Seeds: Teaching Yoga And Meditation To Young People

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Friday, October, 15th: 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Class Description:

Teaching young people (children from the age of 8-18) yoga and meditation can be a challenging and rewarding experience. In this class teachers will draw on thier own insight into the inner life of young people to uncover which practices they can most effectively share with young students of yoga. In addition we will discuss structures and approaches that have demonstrated success when teaching the next generation, how to integrate elements of storytelling and games into the teaching. We will discuss the logistics of working with institutions and facilities that provide various services to the youth and how to create safe and sacred space within a myriad of physical environments.We will also discuss the yamas and how to be ethically impeccable in our guidance of the youth and how such teaching can be an expression of seva in our own spiritual practice.


Duration: 3.0 hour(s)

D: Off-Mat 


3.0 hour(s)





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