The Sacred Thread of Yoga

Mark Horner

Class Title: How To Grow A Lotus

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Saturday, October, 16th: 11:00 am to 1:00 pm

Class Description:

Padmasana, or the Lotus posture, is one of the most important yogic seats. It is an excellent position for pranayama and meditation due to the energetic opening it creates in the lower body combined with the stability and firmness it brings to the spine.  In addition, padmasana is an extremely versatile position, with its variations of baddha padmasana, kukkutasana, and padma mayura being important key asanas.

For many, padmasana presents challenges due to stiffness in the hips, groins, ankles, and knees. This workshop will help those challenged by padmasana to better understand the anatomy and kinesiology of the pose, as well as the pathway of practice that will allow it to unfold safely over time.  Those already capable of padmasana will move deeper into the pose, and teachers will learn how to better help their students.

Duration: 2.0 hour(s)

Class Notes:
Students and teachers of all levels will benefit.  Bring a belt and blanket.
A: Asana 


2.0 hour(s)





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