The Sacred Thread of Yoga

Lisa Matkin

Class Title: Making Peace With The Body

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Sunday, October, 17th: 7:00 am to 9:00 am

Class Description:

Our bodies are beautiful instruments of communication with our unconscious selves. Our job is to learn how to listen to the language of the body and trust its messages. As we tune in to the deeper levels of our intuitive selves, we can receive and benefit from the messages they offer us for self-knowledge, healing and truth. 
Through a series of breathing techniques, asana, discussion, journaling, drawing and meditation, we will begin to open the channels of communication. We will explore and heal our relationship with the body by learning from its wisdom, recognizing and celebrating its true beauty as it is, instead of staying stuck in frustrations about what we want it to be, what it “should” be, or what it is not. We will work both from the “inside out” through pranayama (breathing techniques), meditation and journaling exercises, and from the “outside in” through a therapeutic, individualized approach to asana, exploring the variations and options most healing to your own personal practice.

Duration: 2.0 hour(s)

Class Notes:
This workshop is for all levels of students seeking greater harmony with their bodies, whether working with body image issues; emotional or physical burdens; perpetual illness or injuries; or simply seeking to tune in and reconnect!
A: Asana 


2.0 hour(s)





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