The Sacred Thread of Yoga

Christian Pisano

Class Title: The Purifying Flow (vinyasa)

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Friday, October, 15th: 7:30 am to 10:00 am

Class Description:

 "Either sitting on a seat, or lying on a bed, one should meditate on the body as being supportless. When the mind becomes empty and supportless, within a moment one is liberated from mental dispositions;" Vijnana Bhairava.

The ritual of consecrating the body goes through Nyasa. This term which is at the heart of  Vinyasa, signifies impregnation, placing, installing, or mental welcoming of the gods and their energies, accompanied by Mantra and Mudra in various parts of the body. In postural ritual, asana become the offering of space (akasha) in different parts of the body or limbs: the anatomical, physiological, respiratory and sensory functions, participate in the nyasa of impregnation. In these class we will explore the nyasa through Surya Namaskar and the different seats of contemplation (adhara) which are the links from one asana to the next.

Duration: 2.5 hour(s)

Class Notes:
 Please bring a practice mat, 5 blankets, 2 belts and one brick. Not suitable for menstruating or pregnant women, nor remedial cases.
A: Asana 


2.5 hour(s)





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