The Sacred Thread of Yoga

Paul Cabanis

Class Title: The Bandhas

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Sunday, October, 17th: 10:30 am to 2:00 pm

Class Description:

Patañjali states that after physical conditions have been stabilized, disturbing pains removed, effort transcended and dualities overcome by the process of asana (position), emotional stability is gained by the further practices of pranayama (control of the life-force). For this practice it is essential to apply bandha  (closing) to prevent the dissipation of energy and to direct it through the right channels into the right areas without causing damage elsewhere. Prana can turn lethal when misdirected and the improper performance of bandha will carry numerous adverse effects in its wake. Bandha can only be learned through asana but pranayama is not possible without it – practical confirmation of Patañjali’s postulation of a distinct progression from asana to pranayama.

In this class we will explore the three main bandhas through asana and apply them to pranayama.


Duration: 3.5 hour(s)

Class Notes:
Bring 3 blankets, a block and a strap.
A: Asana 


3.5 hour(s)





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