The Sacred Thread of Yoga

John Leebold

Class Title: Linking And Interpreting The Koshas (2)

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Friday, October, 15th: 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Class Description:

One of the benefits, to John, of his long and intensive study under the eagle eye of BKS Iyengar has been a stimulation of his interest in the dynamic between creativity and orthodoxy. John learned, from Guruji, that no amount of detailed structural functional emphasis on posture was worth anything unless also allied to chitta or conscious awareness. John also learned that a proper discriminative insight reveals many options in both asana and pranayama. These lessons will be the themes of John's teachings. This early morning asana class will be consist of brisk paced standing asanas allied with suryanamaskar, complemented with inversions. All this will be done 'Pune style' -- but accompanied with an examination of what that really means using both similarity and contrast. All this will allow an examination of the links with -- and between -- the different koshas or 'sheaths' of being.

Duration: 2.0 hour(s)

A: Asana 


2.0 hour(s)





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