The Sacred Thread of Yoga

John Leebold

Class Title: Pranayama And Modern Times

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Friday, October, 15th: 9:30 am to 10:30 am

Class Description:

In the Yoga Sutras, Sage Patanjali wrote 'abhayasa vairagyabhyam tan niroddhah' or 'that quietend state can be attained either through practice or detachment'. Interestingly enough, modern psychological and physiological research has shown that neuroendocrinological imbalance can be averted through a regimen based on the ancient traditional disciplines of yoga, and in particular through regular practice of pranayama. These understandings, ancient and modern, will be emphasised throughout. Reclining and sitting pranyamas will be the modus and foundation for the sadhana. Ujjayi and viloma will be the basis, along with an introduction to the basic principles of digital (finger manipulation) pranayama .The session will also look at the psycho/physiological intergaration of bioenergy through the bioenergetic centres as takes place in the pranayamas taught.

Duration: 1.0 hour(s)

B: Breath 


1.0 hour(s)





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