The Sacred Thread of Yoga

Godfrey Devereux



Born in 1956, Godfrey Devereux is  author of many popular books and videos including  Dynamic Yoga, and Hatha Yoga Breath By Breath. Practicing as the basis of his life since 1973, he began teaching in 1978, fulltime teaching in 1988. Having studied directly with B.K.S. Iyengar of Pune, B.N.S Iyengar of Mysore and Zen Master Soten Genpo Roshi, his primary teacher has been the wisdom of life functioning in his own bodimind and those of his students. In 1992 He founded The Life Centre Yoga Studio in London, where yoga began to pour across cultural barriers and into the the European mainstream. Since 1996 he has been conducting workshops and retreats worldwide, and running the Windfire Yoga residential training school, first in Ibiza and currently in France. Godfrey uses the Dynamic Yoga Training Method to invite students to access the deepest possibilities of being human. This is a pragmatic approach to yoga based on intimate awareness of the impacts of actions being taken in expression and support of the inherent intelligence of the body. While it enjoys a technical precision and a dynamic fluidity, it is based on the step by step process of Vinyasakrama that lies at the heart of effective learning and teaching. It uses action inside the body to quieten the mind and draw attention inwards to access the depths and subtleties within.






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