The Sacred Thread of Yoga

Amy Weintraub



Amy is the author of Yoga for Depression (Broadway Books), founding director of the LifeForce Yoga Healing Institute, and a leader in the field of yoga and mental health.  She offers professional certification trainings in LifeForce Yoga® for Mood Management and speaks at medical and psychological conferences internationally.  Amy is involved in ongoing research on the affects of Yoga on mood.  Her evidence-based Yoga protocol for managing mood is featured on the CD, Breathe to Beat the Blues and the first DVD home Yoga practice series for mood management, the award-winning LifeForce Yoga to Beat the Blues.  She edits a free bi-monthly newsletter that includes current research, news and media reviews on Yoga and mental health.  Amy’s recovery from depression began more than twenty years ago on her Yoga mat at Kripalu Center.  Since then, she has continued her studies in both Tantric and Classical tradtions. Joy continues to unfold through the compassionate self-awareness that is the foundation of her Yoga practice and her Nondual teaching style.   


Open Weekend Classes (Fri Oct 15 to Sun Oct 17)

Type     Duration Title
B: Breath   General  asana, mantra, breath  3.0 hour(s)  Lifeforce Yoga To Manage Your Mood Friday  10:30 am  to  01:30 pm
A: Asana   General  mudra, mantra, kriya  1.5 hour(s)  Lifeforce Yoga To Meet The Anxious Mood Saturday  09:00 am  to  10:30 am
D: Off-Mat   General  Mudra, Mantra, Breath  1.0 hour(s)  Lifeforce Yoga Meditation For Mood Saturday  01:00 pm  to  02:00 pm
E: Thread   Teachers    2.5 hour(s)  Lifeforce Yoga - Meeting Negative Beliefs On The Mat Sunday  02:00 pm  to  04:30 pm





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