The Sacred Thread of Yoga

Lisa Matkin



Lisa Bennett Matkin was introduced to yoga at age three and became a yoga teacher through private training with ISHTA Master Yogiraj Alan Finger. Teaching yoga for 14 years, Lisa's classes have been rated as the "best high energy in the country" by Allure. Her teaching transmits her experience of yoga as a path to self-acceptance and spiritual meaning. 

Lisa has participated in writing, developing, and producing over 23 retail yoga videos and DVD releases. Her Yoga Zone: Power Yoga video was rated number one by Natural Health and she is currently a contributing editor at Fit Yoga.


Open Weekend Classes (Fri Oct 15 to Sun Oct 17)

Type     Duration Title
A: Asana   General    2.0 hour(s)  Intro To Flow Saturday  07:30 am  to  09:30 am
A: Asana   Intermediate    2.0 hour(s)  Power And Precision (with Charles Matkin) Saturday  02:30 pm  to  04:30 pm
A: Asana   Open    2.0 hour(s)  Making Peace With The Body Sunday  07:00 am  to  09:00 am
A: Asana   Open    2.0 hour(s)  Partner Yoga (with Charles Matkin) Sunday  02:00 pm  to  04:00 pm





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