The Sacred Thread of Yoga

Paul Cabanis



Paul studied for two years at the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute in Pune, India and returns there frequently to study with and assist the Iyengar family. Paul's teaching combines the precision and detailed instruction of Iyengar Yoga with enthusiasm, warmth and a great sense of humor.  Encouraging students to practice in a spirit of inquiry and to bring the subtle layers of each asana and pranayama fully to life, Paul also weaves the philosophical and historical aspects of yoga into his classes, providing an invaluable context.  Paul has worked with Doctors through the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) to conduct published medical studies researching the affects of yoga on clinical depression, generalized anxiety disorder, and IBS.


Open Weekend Classes (Fri Oct 15 to Sun Oct 17)

Type     Duration Title
A: Asana   Beginner  Iyengar  2.0 hour(s)  Intro To Iyengar Yoga Friday  11:00 am  to  01:00 pm
A: Asana   Intermediate    3.5 hour(s)  The Bandhas Sunday  10:30 am  to  02:00 pm
A: Asana   Beginner    1.0 hour(s)  Inversions For Beginners Sunday  04:30 pm  to  05:30 pm





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