The Sacred Thread of Yoga

KK Ledford



KK is a Certified Anusara Yoga teacher who grew up in the forests of East Texas. She was blessed to begin her Anusara journey studying intensively with her teacher John Friend in 1998 and has thousands of hours of studying directly with him for over 12 years. KK brings a wide background of spiritual engagement to her poetic and challenging classes with a Master’s degree in Women’s Spirituality, an integrated knowledge of therapeutics and Tantric philosophy, and an outlook steeped in nature-based spirituality. KK emits a big radiant energy, strength and enthusiasm for yoga. Always passionate, KK has dedicated the past 13 years to teaching yoga full time and has spent 20 years studying and savoring the mysteries of Consciousness. With a quirky sense of humor and fierce dedication, she brings together yoga, astrology, herbalism, and embodied spirituality to her dynamic classes. She inspires students to work hard, learn sophisticated and heart-centered alignment, deepen their commitment to sadhana and awaken to their own innate power and splendor. Her ongoing and extensive studies in Kashmir Shaivism and Blue Throat Yoga are with Paul Muller-Ortega, and she has studied the philosophy of Rajanaka over many years with Douglas Brooks. In addition to her public yoga classes and private sessions, she educates and facilitates workshops and ceremonies for women, officiates weddings, and models. KK was recently featured as the model in the "Call of the Wild" spread in Yoga Journal, August 2009. She was interviewed and wrote the sequence for the "Joy Story" in the December 2009 issue.  


Open Weekend Classes (Fri Oct 15 to Sun Oct 17)

Type     Duration Title
A: Asana   General    2.0 hour(s)  The Dance Of Effort And Ease - Discovering Purna Friday  01:00 pm  to  03:00 pm
A: Asana   Open    2.0 hour(s)  Adoration Celebration - Sublime Self-honoring Sunday  10:30 am  to  12:30 pm





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