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Christian Pisano



Christian Pisano is a long-term student and Advanced teacher of Shri B.K.S. Iyengar who has been studying Iyengar Yoga for more than 25 years. Whilst in his early twenties, he lived for several years in India to study with his Guru. Christian also studies Sanskrit and philosphy with his particular philosophical inclination being that of the non-dual approach of the Trika system known as Kashmir Shaivism. His passionate interest in Kashmir Shaivism informs his passion for the practice and teaching of Iyengar Yoga.


Iyengar Intensive Classes (Mon 11 to Fri 15)

Type     Duration Title Day Time
Sat  Vishnu  Middling  2.5 hour(s)  Lying In The Infinite And Opening The Heart (panchavyoman Or The 5 Firmaments)   06:00 pm  to  06:00 pm
Sat  Vishnu  Middling  2.5 hour(s)  Cleansing And Churning (chiktisakrama, Shaktikrama.)   06:00 pm  to  06:00 pm
Sat  Vishnu  Mild  2.5 hour(s)  Initiation To The Field (kshetradiksha)1 Tuesday  09:30 am  to  12:00 pm
Sat  Vishnu  Mild  2.5 hour(s)  Initiation To The Field (kshetradiksha) 2 Wednesday  01:00 pm  to  03:30 pm

Open Weekend Classes (Fri Oct 15 to Sun Oct 17)

Type     Duration Title
A: Asana   Advanced    2.5 hour(s)  The Purifying Flow (vinyasa) Friday  07:30 am  to  10:00 am
A: Asana   Intermediate    2.5 hour(s)  The Practice Of Rooting. Saturday  10:30 am  to  01:00 pm





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