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Exhibitor Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations Governing Vendors and Exhibits

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1. The Exhibitor shall not assign or sublet the said space, or any part thereof, without the express and duly signed consent of Kofi Busia, Kim Blisard Willey, or a duly authorized representative (hereinafter referred to as the Management) of the “Sacred Thread of Yoga Festival” (hereinafter referred to as “the Event” or “the Festival”).

2. The Exhibitor agrees to indemnify and to keep harmless the Festival, its producers, the Management, and its employees from any and all claims, causes of action and suits accruing or resulting from any damage, injury or loss to any persons, including but not limited to persons to whom the Exhibitor may be liable under any Workers’ Compensation Law and the Exhibitor himself or herself, and from any loss, damage, cause of action, claims or suits for damages or merchandise, caused by arising out of or in any way connected with the exercise by the Exhibitor of privileges granted herein.

3. Should the Exhibitor’s display and/or materials fail to arrive, then the Exhibitor is nevertheless responsible for any rentals or payments that may be due upon and/or inhering to his or her Exhibit Space.

4. Any cancellations received 31 days or prior to the Event will be subject to a 50% assessment of the total of any costs outstanding on any Booth Space fees. The whole of such sums shall be assessed commencing 30 days prior to the Event. Any cancelled Booth Space may be reassigned at the discretion of Management. This, however, in no way relieves Exhibitor of his or her obligation to pay the full applicable assessment. Exhibitor will not be permitted to participate in the Festival without payment in full of all sums owing prior to the beginning of the Festival. The Management reserves the right to reassign the Booth if full payment on any sums due has not been received seven days prior to Event set-up.

5. If the Management should be prevented from holding the Festival by any cause beyond its control; or if it cannot allow the Exhibitor to take up his or her space due to causes beyond its control; then the Management reserves the right to alter the location and/or the date of the Event with reasonable notice being provided to Exhibitors. The Management has the right to cancel the Event with no further liability other than a refund of any sums outstanding in respect of the Booth space, less a proportionate share of the Exhibit expenses.

6. The Festival Manageent will provide adequate security at all times. However, Exhibitors are responsible for any loss of equipment and/or display materials resulting from theft or misplacement.

7. The Festival Management reserves the right to alter the Event layout and the arrangement of Booths to a design that may differ from any illustrated, promotional or marketing literature, and to reassign Exhibitor’s Booth location if that is deemed necessary.

8. A general admission charge, payable to the Festival Management, may be levied upon the general public at the Management’s discretion. No Exhibitor shall have any rights to any share in any such charge.

9. Exhibitor agrees that the Management’s Rules and Regulations include the right to accept or to reject all contracts submitted for exhibit space it its sole discretion. Exhibitor further agrees that the Festival Management has the full power to interpret and enforce these Rules and Regulations in the best interests of the Event and as it may so determine.

10. INSURANCE—Any Exhibitor desiring Insurance on its Exhibits must place same at his or her own expense. The Festival Management will not be responsible for the safety of Exhibits or Booths against fire, robbery, accident, or any other destructive cause, or for any injury that may arise to the public leased area or to the Exhibitors or their employees while on the Event grounds.

11. Vehicles must not be left unattended. The Festival Management reserves the right to demand any vehicle to move or vacate the Event grounds.

12. The Festival Management shall have the right to use the Exhibitor’s name and/or logos for promotional purposes associated with the Sacred Thread of Yoga Festival.

13. The Festival Management reserves the right to alter the nature of promotional support to meet the needs of the Event and the market in which it takes place. Any additions and/or eliminations of promotional activities shall be at the sole discretion of the Management.

14. The height of the Exhibitor’s Booth shall in no way block the flow of air and/or light. Furthermore, any exhibit over eight feet (8’) in height must be submitted to and approved by the Festival Management in advance.

15. All aisles must be kept clear and within any and all boundaries established up by all local fire codes, Fire Marshals, and the Festival Manageent.

16. The side dividers of Exhibitor Booths may extend up to eight feet (8’) high, but they may not extend more than four feet (4’) to the rear.


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