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Sacred Thread of Yoga Studio Discount Scheme


Please go here to Register in the Discount Scheme, and start issuing Discounts to your Studio Members.

If you have already registered, then please go to the Log In page and log in to administer your Studio Discount Scheme. Thank you.

The Discount Packages

We offer two discount packages.

(1) Ten Percent Straight. On this scheme, you will offer a 10% Discount to your Participants. After 75 Participants have booked through your Studio Discount Scheme, we will create a Scholarship in your Studio's name. This Scholarship will entitle one person to a Free Pass to the 7-Day Festival; accommodations for 6 nights in the Festival Hotel; and meal vouchers to our Tent Dining Areas. The Scholarship Beneficiary will be chosen by the Sacred Thread Management in consultation with your Studio. Management's decision will be final.

(2) Five Percent with Perks. On this scheme, you will offer a 5% Discount to your Participants. You will then additionally receive the following perks or benefits, according to the number of people who book through your Studio Discount Scheme.

Please Note: These Studio Discount Schemes will end at midnight, Pacific Time, on Sunday, August 29th.

Enrolling Participants in your Discount Scheme

Participants can enroll in your chosen Studio Discount Scheme by one of three methods.

Via Web URL. When you enroll, your Studio will be allocated a Studio ID. This will be a four-digit number. You can then put a link from your web site directly to our Registration Page. The web link will look like:
The '?StudioID=xxxx' portion at the end of the URL will automatically activate our software; apply the discount; and enroll that Participant in your Studio Scheme. (We will provide further information on the Download Page accessible from the Studio Administration area once you have registered).

Via Discount Code. You will be able to publicize your Studio ID in your printed materials. The Participant can then insert that ID into the Discount Code box on our Registration Page. The Participant will then receive your chosen discount, and will be enrolled in your Studio Discount Scheme.

Via Telephone and Mail. Participants who do not wish to use the above methods can mail in their credit card details or a check, or else register by telephone, quoting your Studio ID. We will then register them, and add them to your Studio Database of Participant Information.

Administering your Discount Scheme

The Email Address you will provide in the registration process will be your User Name to the Administration Pages. The Email Address Owner will also act as the Group Leader for your Studio Discount Scheme. As soon as you have registered and verified that Email Address, you will have access to the Administration Pages. This will allow you to view and monitor all the Participants who have enrolled through your Studio Discount Scheme.
Please note: Participants registering for your Group Discount will have access to the submitted Name and Email Address of the Studio Discount Scheme's Group Leader.

If you have any further questions, then please contact us via the information on the Contact Page.

Please go to the Registration Page, enroll your Studio, and begin offering your chosen Discount Package to your Studio Members.

If you have already registered, then please go to the Log In page and log in. Thank you.





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