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The Sacred Thread of Yoga is being held in a purpose-built sacred tented community. The tented village will house the classrooms, dining and recreation areas … as well as the stalls and market place that will make up the Vendor Area. The colorful stalls and markets will be an integral part of the village and will be contained within the Pavilions and the open ocean-side environs of San Francisco's world-renowned and beautiful Fort Mason complex. This unique tented community will create an environment that fully encapsulates and celebrates the aims and purposes of yoga.

Yoga increases steadily in popularity, and has done so unassailably for many years. This is in large measure because of the competence and the inspirational qualities of its principal teachers, many of whom are conducting classes at this Festival. The yoga community is famed for the active way in which it expresses its ideas and ideals. This determination is evidenced in a purchasing power that favors natural and organic products, a healthy-living and healthy-eating life-style, and an environmentally and ecologically conscious approach to modern-day life.

Yoga Journal, the leading decision-maker in the industry, has discovered that, as of 2008, 44% of yoga's devotees had a household income of $75,000 and upwards, with ages ranging from the late 20s and upwards and in possession of a substantial disposable income. San Francisco is the home base of Yoga Journal. The city is internationally renowned for its diverse and forward-looking culture. This is a discerning and discriminating clientele. Over 90% are college graduates; 60% are professional-managerial; 85% are women. As a Vendor at the Sacred Thread of Yoga you will have an enhanced opportunity to benefit from that market, using a base perfectly designed to achieve those ends. The ambience of the Sacred Thread of Yoga is being deliberately designed to augment the feel and spirituality of yoga. It will afford an immeasurable opportunity to extend and deepen product lines; increase the customer base in a hugely influential community; and expand and extend networking and sales opportunities.

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MAIL IN: Please fill in the downloadable pdf Vendor Application Brochure and then mail with check or credit card payment to Kim Blisard Willey at the address underneath.

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Kim Blisard Willey, EMAIL: , PHONE: (978) 290 1558 (Int: +1 978 290 1558), FAX: (978) 281 4666 (Int: +1 978 281 4666).
MAIL: The Sacred Thread of Yoga, PO Box 1604, Gloucester, Massachusetts, MA 01930, U.S.A.

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