The Sacred Thread of Yoga

Type of Class:  [C] The Divine Is Within / Feeling The Presence

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Yoga is a vehicle for the most profound yet deeply personal, inner transformations of being. It cleanses and liberates. But no matter what these changes, the rest of life awaits. Yoga, however, says that it should always be possible to fuse the independent self with Spirit. Practices such as awareness, meditation, movement, chanting, ecstatic dancing and similar forms of creative expression are all ways of achieving this end. These practices start as ordinary, but they can make life extraordinary. They may seem personal, but they are agents for deeply psychological, mystical, and spiritual transformations. They are methods of uplifting practitioners to deeper senses of being. These sessions will emphasize, affirm and promote this striving for the inner. They will present a variety of techniques to develop yoga's affirmation that it is possible to be in the presence of the Divine. Sessions will range from the theoretical to the practical. (Sessions can vary from 1 to 2 hrs).

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