The Sacred Thread of Yoga

A Celebration Of Gratitude

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In July 2007 I was blessed to hold the Yogacharya Festival in honor of my Beloved Teacher, Yogacharya Śri B.K.S. Iyengar. Many world-class teachers and wonderful students came together to celebrate his seventieth year as a yoga teacher, and to help me express my gratitude to him. I was deeply touched by the warmth, the generosity, and the spirit of all those who came. There were the teachers who gave generously of their time, inspiration and knowledge; and there were the students who came with such unbridled enthusiasm and a near-unquenchable desire to learn and to receive.

In gratitude to all who came, I am arranging "The Sacred Thread Of Yoga", a Festival to be held in San Francisco in October 2010. In recognition of the spirit engendered at my previous Festival, it is titled after the yajnopavita—the highly symbolic sacred thread of knowledge worn by the sadhus (spiritual seekers) of Ancient India. The seven-day Festival will offer yoga instruction, spiritual teaching, guided meditation and an opportunity to participate in a sangha (or assembly) of others interested in experiencing dharma.

I am happy and humbled that so many master teachers have agreed to bring their unique talents to a village to be modeled on a beautiful Kashmiri or Rajasthani market, and which will house a sacred community dedicated to honoring the light of yoga and the teachers who, through the ages, have been custodians of that sacred knowledge. I invite you to come and join them for a unique spiritual event so we can all together express our gratitude for this inspiration—the shining light of yoga—that has come safely down to us all through the ages to illumine our lives.

Kofi Busia, January 2009






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